Pre-order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Your summer table must-haves

May 20, 2022

🔥Up your grilling game with our pasture-raised meat this Memorial Day!

The grill is no place to skimp on high standards. Rhode Island pasture-raised meat gives tender and flavorful perfection no matter what you pair it with.

🌭Fill your summer table with tasty food like classic grass-fed hot dogs and ground beef for burgers, pasture-raised chicken wings in your favorite marinade, or pasture-raised chorizo sausage for a kick.

Cheers to gathering around delicious food!

While we’ll enjoy quality time with our family this Memorial Day, we’ll also be humbly remembering the sacrifice of those who gave their lives in service to this country.

Saturday is your last chance to order for pick-up or home delivery before Memorial Day.

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Kelly McNiff

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